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Miss Thompson
11/09/2013 10:44am

We all have "baggage" in life, certain things we carry around with us. Sometimes those items can be seen, the slouchy way someone walks, head down, shoulders pushed forward as if an invisible weight were crushing her. Often the things we carry are in our hearts - scars and memories, dreams and ambitions, hopes and fears. If you could see what I carry, you might be surprised.

I carry with me the fear of failure, of not being good enough, or smart enough. I carry with me a raging ambition to do better, to do more, than I did the day before. I carry with me the memories of a lifetime of growing pains, of awkward silences, uncertainty, moments of immense joy and pleasure, the terrible weight of sadness.
I carry with me chapstick and lotion. I carry with me my phone because without it I feel lost and not quite myself. Does that make me shallow?
I carry with me the sound of a voice, a laugh...a sound that grows more and more distant with every passing year. I carry with me the feeling of a warm hug, strong arms wrapped around me...a feeling I have a harder and harder time remembering as the days slip by. My wrist holds a visible reminder of the brother gone too soon, of the face that sometimes is blurred around the edges.


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